digital marketer & designer

Hi my name is Terence Thien, I'm currently 26 years old from Malaysia. I'm a designer with 9 years of experience. I believe quality is always first and giving value to my customers is my priority. Which is why I'm helping people craft better businesses through digital marketing.

Since 2008, I started with no experience to a self-taught designer to improve style and the looks of businesses around the world. 
I have worked with numerous startups & businesses such as Notedock, VideoReviewLabs, Synup, Captivation Software, Eksdyne, Aviation, & KPAway Skincare, and more.

I'm always interested in new design projects or remote work, feel free to contact me at & for faqs feel free to visit here


My Clients:

Notedock, Hutility, Eksdyne, iAmore, Confabulous, Prnty, NeedFixed, IcosaDev, MooseLabs, EasyFab, Wrkpoint, Video Review Labs, Mallpup, TekProdux, The Amethyst Fund, Jayed LLC, MelodicBIOS, ERA (Extrasolar Research Associates), Captivation Software, Interweb Comics, Synup, Expansion Fan, Steel Hide Games, Aviation Work Aids, Ocrolus,, Earthly, PokerAffliateSolutions, JobHero, HumanMobile(Studio), LocalJungle, PlasmaNutrition, Hue Vibes, Bettr, Robert Doran Concierge, CapoeLarry, Rabensky Algorithmic Solutions, KP Away Skincare, PFC Portal for Change,  Clutch Esports, Hover Plus,  Wanderlust, BookUncle, Unica Labs, Pallantius, Locus, CSEDInc, Vennmarketing, Firebrand Phoenix, Reactive Dynamics, Inshur, Mosaic Music, Think Square, Darken Ship, Mobile Folk, Carpal, Dart, Miami Environmental & Civil Engineering, Deltify Learning, Nexu, Sensei, DealSwipe, OrbusVR, The Training Lab, GetQuorum, Zombie Wrath, Home 2020,, Wade CRM, Frozen Wasteland Entertainment, ChiefOnBoarding, ArayDigital, Lovebird, TempestFit, Tutorhouse, Lattis Surgical Inc, Grailbot, Freyja Heatlhcare LLC, Breakable, GlobeMatter, LunarSocial, DoorAttendant, Gilmore Global Instruments,, Pixelcodr, The Peel, 25Mows,, StartupSteam, Sole Proxies, Flo-Bro, LyricMerch, TomahawX, Rhythmic Fitness, TripJar, Intui, nuvpn, OGA, The Green Botanicals, DevRel, Persea, MyKeto, REdeploy, Woman's Health, Stella, Harbor, Cococase, Clifton Road Capital, Blacktip Consulting, MVP Forge, Ziptility, Four Leaf Clover Properties, Acair eSports