Tools to help build your business & workflow


I've curated some of my recommended tools to help with your business/startup & designs. Many of the tools below are crucial to my business as well as my workflow. 


A few links below are affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. Comes no additional cost to you. Please understand that if you choose to purchase from the links below you are also supporting me as a creator. My big thanks for your support. 

Tools make our lives easier!


How to start your online business today:

Step 1

Domains: A domain is your website name e.g.

Namecheap: I highly recommend using namecheap, affordable domain prices starting at $0.48! I've been using namecheap myself for 4 years now which has very good interface plus great support team!

Step 2

Site hosting:  A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet

Bluehost: The best option for beginners is to get started with Bluehost, comes with 1-click Wordpress installation and best of all it's $3.95/month + 24/7 support, oh and one more thing they offer you 1x FREE domain name too!

Squarespace: I know you've seen this hosting company everywhere on youtube. By far my 2nd best option and guess what? I personally use squarespace for all my projects - It's a site builder for non-coders (those who don't know how to code, hop in!) Super easy to start! I love squarespace, but here's why it's second for starters. Personal plan pricing starts at $12 billed annually or $16 billed month to month, but it doesn't hurt to try! 

LeadPages:  For high quality landing page builds, it's easy and simple to setup a campaign or a simple landing page for your products

Step 3

Email subscription/marketing: Email marketing is the targeting of consumers through electronic mail (email)

Mailchimp: My main mail subscription service, why Mailchimp? You can start with mailchimp for FREE till you reach a 2k limit. If you have 2k or less mailchimp is still free or charge, it's a good basic and simple insights report easy to use beautiful interface, I highly recommend mailchimp for starters


Now that you have a website with your expertise ready! Start hunting now!

Feel free to explore more essentials below:


Website optimization

Pingdom: Highly recommend pingdom's tools for website speed testing, it also lets you know your site's performance and what needs to be fixed

Google Dev: Very detailed information on both mobile/desktop optimization, google is still the best at this and showing you how to fix it

Neil Patel Tool: Also a great site for insights on your website, big thanks to Neil Patel for creating this

Email optimization

IsNotSpam: Online spam checker for email newsletters


Google Suite: For those who don't know G Suite is a place for your business/organization to have Google Drive/Calender/Email all in one. Let your staffs handle your work

Google Keep:  I use this a lot to take notes/goals/checklists

Dropbox: My storage, always backup in the clouds


Paypal: Accept and send payments

Invoicing: Absolutely free of charge, simple interface

Tools by Google

Google Trends: Awesome tool for your business, find trends with top queries

Google Alerts: Get alerts on names, celebs, business infos, anything on what you search for int your inbox


How to start designing:

Learning stage

Learn Logo Design: I highly recommend this course for beginners that are into logo design

Build your portfolio

Dribbble: External portfolio, but you have to get an invite as a player first to post

Behance: Free external portfolio

Free fonts

Google Fonts: Where most of my fonts come from, especially for my clients

DaFont: Make sure to check the font licenses before using them commercially

Icons & colors

Flaticons: My favourite place for free icons

PixelIcons: Another icon site, beautifully packed

Flatuicolors: Where I suggest my clients to view colors they're into, it's a good practice

WebGradients: Here is where I find gradient combos

Logo inspirations

Logobook: Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols & trademarks

Abduzeedo: Also a great place for design inspirations

PSD Mockups (Good for startups)

FDR: Free resources for psd mockups, amazing site I love going here to find some psd mockups for my projects

Freebiesbug: Also a good site for mockups and some other free designs

Original Mockups: Fine and clean psd mockups for free

Learn coding

CSS-Tricks: I learned tons of css techniques here

Sublime Text Editor: Great customizable text editor, highly recommend

w3schools: I learned html here, back in the early days w3schools has helped me with tons of information on basic code

Note: I'm not really good at coding and have no idea what I'm doing, just basic html & css for my website


Communities I join:

Reddit: Always reddit, everyday

Hackernews: So much information here, it's where I find gold contents & comments

Indie Hackers: A great place to talk about your side projects & business, people are helpful there

Product Hunt: New products, new startups everyday

Angelist: Startup, jobs, everything here


Updated by Terence - 24/10/2018